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Publication in the Hundred Photographize Annual Book Best Selected, 2020

Updated: Mar 6

I am invited by the prestigious Photographize Magazine for a publication of my work in their annual book of the best photographic selections of 2020.

It is, of course, always a great honor to have one's work published in the specialized press. This is even more the case when invited by an internationally renowned magazine like Photographize. And if it's for the first volume of a new publication, what more could one ask for.

In this book, there is a selection of 100 photographs that represent (according to them) international contemporary photography of the year 2020.

This book is available online on their website. It can be browsed online (which is appreciated!) or purchased as an harcover copy. You can also find their other publications such as: Photographize Magazine and Photographize Monochrome. These are must-discover references.

Publication of my photograph 'Winter Terrace, Lake Geneva, France'.

Publication dans le Hundred Photographize Annual book Best Selected, 2020

© Photographize Magazine

HUNDRED - Photographize Annual book Best Selected - Vol.1, 2020.


Introduction by the Editor:

"HUNDRED Photographize Best Selected Vol. 01 recognizes those who inspire us. In this book, Photographize collects the works of 100 visionary artists that pushed the limits, and we are thrilled to share them with the world. We dreamt this book for a long time and put all our love in every page.

During these challenging times, artists unleashed their imagination and connected us to our humanity. They found new ways of expression and of reaching their audiences. More than ever, art became a safe oasis where we could find beauty and inspiration. This book is a tribute to these artists and their incredible work.

Photographize is a virtual place based on the immediacy, where images are presented in their purest beauty. Dedicated to visual arts in all their forms, since its inception Photographize has connected its audience to the work of countless renowned and emerging artists from around the globe. Photographize is a worldwide community of art lovers sharing their passion for creation."

  • US$ 50.00

  • Hardcover Book

  • 110 pages

  • 21 x 29.7 cm

  • Printed in full color

  • Shipping worldwide

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