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Member of the Jury for the B&W Minimalist Photography Award 2020

Updated: Mar 6

The prestigious magazine dedicated to black and white minimalist photography launched its first competition in 2020. I have the honor and the privilege of being invited to participate on the jury.

Member of the Jury for the 'B&W Minimalist Photography' Award 2020

Image © B&W Minimalsm Mag. Photo © Olivier Robert

The 'Black and White Minimalist Photography' Award is a non-profit association organized by the Black & White Minimalism magazine. Its aim is to recognize, promote, and reward the most talented photographers from all around the world and to showcase their work to the professional photography industry.

The magazine actively engages in promoting 'Fine Art' black and white photography and regularly features the greatest talents in this field.

B&W Minimalism Magazine was launched in 2016 and has since become an undisputed leader in online specialized press, enjoying great success among photographers. They have just published their 27th magazine. One of my photographs was published in the first issue of the magazine in 2016.

Several others were subsequently featured in issue 3. Later on, one of my photographs was selected for the cover of issue 5, and others were presented as part of an article about my body of work published in 2017. Finally, in 2018, I had the honor of being invited to showcase my projects on Japan and China through an interview in issue 11 of the magazine. Here are some visuals.

Exemples of pages B&W Minimalism Mag

I am very honored to be invited as a member of the jury for the inaugural edition of the B&W Minimalism Award, alongside Noell Oszvald and Milad Safabakhsh, the editor-in-chief of B&W Minimalism magazine.

With an exceptionally high number of participants, the work is proving to be challenging for the Jury! The quality of the submitted photographs is also very high. The competition is open to all photographers, both amateurs and professionals. The deadline for submitting works was initially set for January 31, 2021, but it has now been extended until February 3, 2021. The winner will receive a cash prize of $1000.

Visit their website for further information and participation conditions for this Award.

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