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Geneva Book Fair - Geneva, Switzerland, 2016 (Awards)

Photography exhibition & competition

From April 27th to May 1st

Geneva Book Fair (Salon du Livre et de la Presse), Palexpo, Geneva (Switzerland)

The photography competition ‘Photographe-voyageur’ is organized by Vanilla Tiger (Geneva). The theme is ‘L’eau dans tous ses états’.

I am pleased to announce that this photograph won the 1st prize.

Snow Covered Island, Lake Towada, Japan 雪に覆われた島、十和田湖、日本

Award ceremony on Saturday 30th at 5pm on the stand ‘Place du Voyage L1291’.

Opening hours :

Everyday from 9:30am to 7pm

Friday from 9:30am to 9pm

Fome more information :

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