Landscape. Minimalism. Fine Art.
In Japan, China and around lake Geneva since 1995.

Lake Geneva

An ongoing work about the lake in Switzerland and France since 1995...

Fine Art Photography by Olivier Robert - Lake Geneva
Fine Art Photography by Olivier Robert - China Huangshan

China - Huang Shan

The Yellow Mountain in Spring, Autumn and Winter. A mountain range where mist, sea of clouds, forests in fog and snowfalls have inspired the traditional Chinese landscape painting for centuries...

Japan - Hokkaido

10 years of winter trips around the Island in the quiet and pristine snow of Hokkaido.

A journey from the traditional northern landscapes of Wakkanai to the Tanchozuru in Kushiro, the emblematic and elegant cranes which have been intensively-represented in the Japanese painting...

Fine Art Photography by Olivier Robert - Hokkaido
Fine Art Prints by Olivier Robert

Fine Art Prints

The photographs are available for sale as Fine Art Prints in limited editions of 6 copies in 3 sizes. The prints are created on a matte Fine Art museum paper, authenticated, numbered and signed...