Buddhist statuary, temples and sacred sites in the entire Japan (selection of prints)

These selected photographs are part of a long-standing project about the Buddhism’s statuary and sacred sites in the entire Japan.

Although it refers to different Buddhism schools, this work is mainly devoted to the Shingon sect brought from China to Japan in 807 A.D. From pilgrimages to sacred mountains, we often set off all over the country searching for historical and remote temples in quest of statues and esoteric symbols spread in Japan from the 9th century.

The completeness of such a work is definitely impossible (and it is not our goal), but we have tried to arrange this ongoing research by regions. Consequently, you can find some more hereunder.


– Shikoku Pilgrimage Routes : SHIKOKU HENRO PILGRIMAGE

– Kii Mountain Range and Koyasan : KII MOUNTAIN


Some photographs have been taken by special permission and have been made possible thanks to the understanding and kindness of the temples owners or monks.

Calligraphy 'Seichi' ©Saburo Takatsuka

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