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Temples and statuary of Koyasan

Located in the Wakayama Prefecture, the holy village of Koyasan is specifically known as the headquarter of the Shingon Buddhism sect. It is also said that the body of the monk Kobo Daishi (aka Kukai 774-835 and founder of the Shingon sect) is secretly kept in a dedicated Mausoleum. Or, for the believers, it is rather said that Kobo Daishi has entered a perpetual meditation state.
Koyasan is also an amazing place where no less than 125 temples are stretching in a verdant valley, including the most important temple, Kongobuji and the impressive pavilion of the Danjo Garan.
The biggest and most famous cemetery of Japan, the Okuno-in, is also located in Koyasan.

This portfolio is a selection of representative prints.
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