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Master Saburo Takatsuka

In addition to my deep interest in the traditional Japanese ink-painting (Sumi-e) that has influenced my work for so many years, I have always felt that the traditional art of calligraphy would be a great complement to my black & white prints of Japan.

In 2011, I have been very honored to meet Mr. Saburo Takatsuka, Master of calligraphy in Kagoshima (southern Kyushu, Japan). Now retired, Saburo Takatsuka was a calligraphy teacher in Kagoshima. His talent and knowledge about this traditional art are impressive. 

As he discovered my work about his country, he immediately offered me to study some calligraphy variations that could philosophically match with my photography.

It has been a complete privilege working with him and receiving regularly his remarkable calligraphies for many years. Each of them is, for me, a precious piece of art. Their energy and their simplicity of expression have honored my work. These calligraphies are now featured in my books and my exhibitions about Japan.


Fine Art Prints Olivier Robert photographer black white photography minimalist waterscape landscape long exposure Lakes Seascapes Winter snow trees Japan China Lake Geneva Leman
Master Saburo Takatsuka
''Lake Biwa'' © S. Takatsuka
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