Natural or artificial, the lakes have always enthralled me.

Due to their origins, history or geographic features, the lakes have always fascinated people. Some of us keep in mind the countless legends that lakes have inspired over time. But more things than legends have made lakes a mystery.

Whether they are in France, Switzerland, Italy or Japan, the lakes show universally their natural ambiances.  I particularly appreciate to work on this timelessness of landscapes regardless of the country they belong to. […]


Either at daytime or at night, those harmonious sceneries evoke the poetry of Asian traditional paintings in which stilness prevails. This is the most likely reason why I tend to give a similar viewpoint on the lakes when I have the opportunity. […]


I have been living near the Lake Geneva (Leman) for more than twenty years now.  I often have the opportunity to cross this lake at dawn and, as long as I remember, I have always been amazed by the infinite range of lights we can enjoy over it.


Throughout the seasons, the Leman reflects its context harmoniously. The massive glowering skies, the dark mountains or the delicacy of a morning mist pertain to these changeable sceneries.

Therefore, I dedicate an important part of this book to Lake Geneva.

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  • 2013

  • English

  • 25 x 20 cm (10” x 8”)

  • 120 pages, 83 photographs

  • Hardcover, dust jacket

  • ISBN 978-2-9543717-1-9


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