BUDAPEST - Urban Silence

This book is part of a series of works on ‘City and Emptiness’.

In 2004, I started a particular approach on the ambivalence of the cities and their inability to provide an ‘ideal’ background.

In spite of massive constructions, housing expansion, means of communication improvement and fast-growing industry, the cities keep attesting witness of their history.

The relation between urban context and social identities perfectly attests to this paradox. Somehow, the ambiguity of situations due to a lack of balance or a loss of values leads people to express themselves in pursuit of personal recognition.

Budapest, urban silence is a photographic essay devoted to this personal process.

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  • 2006

  • English

  • Size : 18 x 18 cm (7”x 7”)

  • 72 pages, 34 photographs

  • Softcover


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